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We live in a predominately visual society. When it comes to social media, “characters” are limited while the potential for images is infinite. The video craze is drawing more and more eyeballs every day—from viral sensations to “how to” segments and in-house company commercials. Video, is without question, the most engaging online medium available; a fact that’s now brought us Vine and Instagram offering video clips.

Each month on YouTube, over 1 billion visitors view 6 billion hours of video. That’s a slew of play time and potential customers up for grabs. So, are you in, or are you out? Active or passive? Trending or following?

This Month’s Top Five Tips

1) Do you have your own YouTube channel, and are you maximizing it for all it’s worth?

If not, it’s not too late. Start today by simply grabbing your smartphone and shooting an informal, friendly video or investing in affordable professional equipment. Just start shooting and uploading and forget obsessing about endless edits—as you’re only as current as your last video. Keep the videos coming! Often, the more natural the video, the better viewers connect; overly produced videos are transparent and a thing of the past.

2) Be sure to promote your videos in email campaigns, on social media channels, on websites, with confirmation letters, as emailable receipts and more.

There are print opportunities too—QR codes on ads, signage and brochures—allowing you to connect with people instantly to view your video series.

3) Remember, gone is the era of Mad Men advertising when only major companies could take advantage of TV ads with big budgets.

These days, any company can create a television spot and grab video viewers via social media.

4) Go shoot something, and get creative with the B-roll; the extra footage and out-takes can result in other creative ads that can be aired through email marketing and more.

5) Whether launching a new brand or a new seasonal offer or product, a video has stronger marketing potential than anything else available.

It costs less than print advertising, and budget-wise it costs the same, if not less than a direct mail campaign—all while potentially reaching so many more people.

Get inspired by watching the latest Top 10 luxury brand social media films.

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