Three Major Shifts in Social Strategy to Employ Right Now

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It’s indisputable that social media has brought about a sea change in marketing. Also indisputable? The change is still occurring.

No matter your level of engagement on Facebook or your track record of videos going viral, your brand no doubt still has room to grow in the social sphere. Here are three recent shifts in social strategy that brands are having success with right now:

1) Celebrity Endorsers Make Way for Social Influencers

So, what’s a social influencer? Or, better yet, who? Social influencers are anyone who has a significant voice—and a significant amount of followers—on the Web. Think bloggers, such as vlogger (video blogger) Michelle Phan, whom L’Oreal tapped as the face of her own makeup line, em michelle phan, due to the overwhelming popularity of her beauty tutorials on YouTube. From its inception, the brand had a built-in consumer base: Phan’s 7+ million followers. So who’s a social influencer in your space? And how can you align with them for a campaign, a promotion or even a new product or experience?

2) Social Content Becomes Platform-Specific

If you’re still sending out the same message to every social site on which you have a presence, stop now. Sites differ in more ways than just the URL. Audiences differ, and so do their reasons for visiting the sites. While people may follow your brand on Facebook to be alerted to sales, they may follow you on instagram to see photos of real people experiencing your brand. Know why your followers are coming to each site and deliver the type of content they want. Otherwise, your efforts won’t garner more than a passing glance.

3) “Storyworlding” Expands the Concept of Storytelling

At the very least, you’ve likely already dabbled in brand storytelling—showing the human side of your business. Now, take that concept and expand it across multiple channels and experiences that invite consumers to interact with you. Now you’re storyworlding. It all starts with an idea that’s big enough to reach across platforms without being watered down in the process. Think about a campaign that takes consumers behind the scenes of your brand with a video series, invites them to experience the brand through a game and allows them to upload their own content, such as photos, into the mix. Now you have a world—not just a story—for people to explore.

Take a look at your social efforts. Do they only consist of Facebook and Twitter? If so, you may have only scratched the service of what social can do for your brand. It’s time to go deeper and broader into the social sphere. Experiment. Let people have fun interacting with your brand. You’ll reap the rewards in engaged consumers who seek out and share your messaging and who spend their dollars with you, too.

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