Think you can’t afford video? You can’t afford to do without it!

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 60-second video may well be worth a few million (well, depending on the frames-per-second rate, anyway). But the point is this: The impact of an effective video can blow away even the best photos, blog posts and other content.

Sure, videos cost time and money, but the marketing opportunities they provide are worth the effort—so long as you approach them strategically, as a part of your yearlong marketing plan.

Don’t believe it? Check out this Ritz-Carlton video—based on the true story of a “proposal of a lifetime” the hotel helped facilitate.

Powerful, isn’t it? Let’s look at why. It’s clearly a professionally done video, complete with animation and a soundtrack. But production values don’t matter nearly as much as they used to. The video truly connects because of two things—its message and its clarity.

Today, those two things mean more than big budgets and special effects. Technology has turned everyone into a potential video producer—and created platforms accessible to all.

So what’s your story? Are you launching a new product? Is one of your customers willing to share a great testimonial in front of the camera? Do you want to put yourself forward as the true face of your company and brand?


  1. Find a story you want to tell

    A message without a purpose won’t resonate—and it won’t help your company. Spend some time thinking about what you want to achieve with your video, and who your audience is. What will inspire them?
  2. Consider what will support your brand

    For a luxury hotel such as the Ritz-Carlton, of course, quality is paramount. An edgy company with a playful personality might decide that using an iPhone or GoPro fits their brand. Whatever you do, do you.
  3. Use a professional—or do it yourself

    Shooting your own video is easy (and cost-effective), but unless you feel the homemade vibe works with your brand, or you really know what you’re doing, a pro offers some advantages. They can make your video look better, and many will help with scripting, etc. However, “natural” videos can connect well, as more and more customers seek authenticity.
  4. Promote, promote, promote

    You’ve invested time and money in your video, so make sure people see it! Put it on your website. Send current customers a special email. Upload it or post links on all of your social media channels, as well as YouTube—you do have your own channel there, right? You can even stream your video on services such as Periscope. The possibilities for connection are endless.
  5. Reuse and recycle

    Have extra footage from your shoot? Want to use parts of your video for other purposes? Go for it! Someone once said that great content is like Thanksgiving turkey—you slice it and dice it and use it every way you possibly can.


Many companies just stick “marketing” under the GM or Director of Sales, but you can’t settle for that today. You need a team with the experience to spot opportunities, the expertise to craft strategies and the ability to execute initiatives flawlessly. If you don’t have that in-house, perhaps it’s time to consider a consultant or agency who can help you reach the next level. Contact Brown Marketing to get started today.

Whatever path you choose, try new things and take more chances. Marketing may be more intense than ever, but remember, it’s also supposed to be fun!

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