Spring Clean

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These days marketing directors are flooded with more opportunities than they can manage. It is overwhelming to try to keep marketing strategies current and effective. This Spring, consider these five quick tips to turbo charge your marketing efforts.

Top 5 Things To Do Now:

1) Power up your digital tools to generate interest and demand by intensifying your social media presence.

Yes, you’re already connecting on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Vine, and Instagram, but are you capitalizing on the effectiveness of video to trumpet your brand story and to drive traffic? Consider investing in B-roll that can be developed into small 20-30 second videos. Develop a series of VINE videos. Use these videos in email campaigns, social media, and on your website.

2) Don’t forget about mobile commerce.

Separate desktop and mobile websites are as out-of-date as your old iPad 1 — your site should now be responsive. If you don’t have a responsive site, you are behind the groove. Get caught up NOW!

3) Online Customer Targeting.

If your marketing budget is limited, continue to move print and TV advertising dollars online. Unless you have very large budgets for multiple insertions, traditional media is difficult to track success. Effective online marketing is much more than PPC. Organic SEO and behavioral retargeting remain important. But also consider reserving some budget for banner ads that reach your specific target demographic. For example, are you trying to build more customers in the entrainment industry or needing to book more weddings? Your target customer likely follows certain industry blogs and websites. Shift dollars toward these niche sites — your money will stretch farther and your potential exposure much more targeted. Plus along with the ad buy you are often positioned for added value opportunities such as email blasts, social media mentions and more.

4) Content. Content. Content.

Email blasts, social media, direct mail – a barrage of special, exclusive offers are often ignored. Consider an editorial approach instead. People read things that are interesting – just look at your Facebook feed and note all the shared articles.Think about your campaigns, are they interesting and compelling enough that if you received it you would share it on social media? Feature your key attributes in an information-rich editorial style.

Hire a design expert to write a blog story about your new suites. Utilize it in your email, social media, website campaigns.
Have top wedding vendors (florists, photographers, etc.) provide planning tips to help announce your new wedding package and offerings.
Enlist a top 10 list from your concierge on niche “insider” must-do’s or see’s with the release of your newest rooms package.
Ask your Chef to come up with the 10 items you should have in your pantry at all times with the announcement of your new seasonal menu.

The list is endless. Get creative – think like an editor, and watch your click through rates increase!

5) Last, but not least, don’t forget about direct mail.


Customers still respond to the look and feel of catalogs/newsletters with appealing pictures and stories hand-spun by you. Use your email campaigns to weed out a direct mail list. Look through the click through rates. If a customer has clicked through on your last two campaigns, they are active, interested and worth the investment for a direct mail piece. If they haven’t, don’t bother.

Instead of large runs of postcards to thousands that likely get tossed into the trash, move dollars toward small “gift-like” direct mail presentations to your top 100-200 customers. Better impression, better potential ROI.

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