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There was a time for us marketers when it was all pretty easy. Design a print ad, buy ad space, run “said” ad, maybe issue a press release via a wire service, then call it a day. Today, marketing is multi-channeled, multi-layered and much more complicated.

Consider this: a single promotion, new product line, restaurant opening or new hotel package requires its very own marketing plan complete with tactical executions such as:

  • printed collateral
  • website
  • email campaign
  • direct mail campaign
  • print advertisement
  • video on youtube and tumblr
  • social media strategy (that now includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, google+ etc.)
  • public relations: developing your VERY targeted media list, creating individual pitches, reaching out to every person on your media list, then following-up constantly
  • co-op partners: expanding reach through various partnership opportunities

Sound exhausting? It can be, and overwhelming as well. To streamline the process, consider these 5 masterful marketing steps:

5 Steps to Master Multi-Channel Marketing

1. Start with the goal and budget. Determine your ideal outcome and how much money you’ll have to spend to achieve it.

2. Plan how to communicate the message. Develop the core message, the pitch, the key talking points and understand the offer.

3. Aim for big impact with a multi-channel approach. Utilize collateral, web, social, email, PR and advertising avenues that all fit within your budget scope.

4. Wrangle in the partners. To do this right, you need a team. Period.

5. Create the critical path, assign tasks, and get cracking – there is a lot to do!

These five steps will help you successfully create and execute multi-channel marketing promotions as impressive as these big-brand luxe campaigns from BMW to Saks to The St. Regis.

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