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apr2013b“Smart Marketing” is the key to holding onto existing customers and attracting new prospects.

Top 5 marketing tips for the Luxury segment:

1) Power up your digital tools to generate interest and demand by intensifying your social media presence.

Yes, you’re (hopefully) already connecting on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, but are you capitalizing on the effectiveness of video to trumpet your brand story and to drive traffic? Consider investing in B-roll that can be developed into small 20-30 second videos. Use these videos in email campaigns, social media, and on your website.

2) Don’t forget about mobile commerce.

If you aren’t mobile, you are 2 years behind the groove. Get caught up NOW!

3) Utilize targeted emails, SEO, and strategic online display banner ad buys, and behavioral retargeting.
4) If your marketing budget is limited, continue to move print and TV advertising dollars online.

Unless you have very large budgets for multiple insertions, traditional media is difficult to track success. If you do decide to purchase print ads, consider each buy as it own marketing opportunity. Negotiate access to the publication’s email list, social media followers, and sponsorship opportunities at events. It is not just about the ad anymore – negotiate and win!

5) Last, but not least, don’t forget about direct mail.

apr2013cCustomers still respond to the look and feel of catalogs/newsletters with appealing pictures and stories hand-spun by you.

Tip: Instead of large runs of postcards to thousands that likely get tossed into the trash, move dollars toward small “gift-like” direct mail presentations to your top 100-200 customers.

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