It’s 2016 – is your marketing stuck in 2010?

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If your marketing is still focused on things like pay-per-click, SEO and print advertising, that’s fine—but it’s not enough.


This year, you need to think bigger. Bolder. So far outside the box that you can’t even see the box. Marketing is constantly evolving, and what you did yesterday is so… yesterday. What you do today is what will move the needle. Contact us to find out what we can do for your business.

Want to make 2016 your best year yet? Focus on these five areas:

1 )The Basics
Is your brand current? Is your story relevant? Do your communications connect with your target demographic? Your website should tell your story with technology—keep things fresh with a well-stocked asset library of relevant photos and videos. Your CRM programs should be firing on all cylinders. Your social media channels need to be managed daily. These are the basics—and you have to stay on top of them.

2) Online Marketing

Now we’re getting more complex! Think beyond organic search and AdWords. Consider how you’re engaging online. Have you created a mobile buying atmosphere? After customers leave your site, are you retargeting them through social media? Do you know their online usage patterns? Once you do, you can target them more effectively.

3) Social Influencers
Regular posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are great, but they need to create a circle of influence. Engaging with the bloggers and social media mavens who inspire your customers can help spread your message, too. Even fans and followers of competitors can be a rich market—they like your competition, so why wouldn’t they like you? Much like advertising, social media is about impressions, and influencer circles can generate more of them.

4) Co-op Marketing
Reach out to marketing directors of brands your customers connect with and find interesting ways to work together—provide a special offer to their customers, showcase both brands at events or even just agree to joint social media promotions. The best partnerships benefit both sides, and they’re often more effective than an overpriced print ad.

5) Grassroots
Think about the best marketing you’ve seen recently—it’s likely grassroots-based. Think social campaigns or community projects that go viral. Those surfer teens handing out sunscreen on the beach? They’re promoting a new resort. These things create powerful impressions that stand out because they’re far from traditional.

Many companies just stick “marketing” under the GM or Director of Sales, but you can’t settle for that today. You need a team with the experience to spot opportunities, the expertise to craft strategies and the ability to execute initiatives flawlessly. If you don’t have that in-house, perhaps it’s time to consider a consultant or agency who can help you reach the next level. Contact Brown Marketing to get started today.

Whatever path you choose, try new things and take more chances. Marketing may be more intense than ever, but remember, it’s also supposed to be fun!

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