A Culture Worth Marketing

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The essential aspect of any customer experience is to have a customer-centric culture. Developing a brand requires a unique cultural environment. The culture starts at the management level and trickles to the line staff and then directly to the customer.

1) nternal Communication

Does your management team understand the culture? What is your mission/vision statement – do they know, appreciate, understand and live it? How do they teach this to their line staff? Culture needs to be defined and then practiced through hiring, onboard training, ritual, routines and rewards. Survey your teams and encourage honest feedback.

2) Hiring

Do your prospective hires share the company values? Though many things can be taught, integrity and the right values are attributes that an employee either embodies or doesn’t.

3) Employee Recognition


  • Honor those employees that are living the culture.
  • Create an employee recognition card.
  • Encourage staff to brag about each other.
  • Utilize a weekly or monthly drawing to help recognize employees living and showcasing the culture.
  • Consider an employee survey.
4) Marketing the Culture

Have you communicated your brand’s culture to your customers? How is it displayed on your website? How is the brand promise found and communicated in your marketing materials. Customers appreciate a positive culture. And, you should be proud of yours and utilize it as a key attribute.

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